Mauro Fialho

Mauro Fialho

Professional bodybuilder qualified in 2023 for the Mr. Olympia, in Men's Physique category.

Mauro is also a physical trainer for athletes and fitness content creator.

Nieves Bolós

Nieves born in Barcelona, in 1993.

She is a psychologist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​a certified personal trainer from the Italian school Wepa Science and a nutritional coach from the Nutritional Coaching Institute of Barcelona.

Sports and psychology were key to overcoming the severe suffering that her modeling career caused her, and since then her passion is to offer the appropriate tools to all those people who want to improve their physical fitness and mental health.

Tony Falcó

Tony born in Madrid, in 1985.

He has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, a grade in Physiotherapy and a certification in personal training.

In addition to teaching related to the world of sports, he specializes in sports performance and physical and sports rehabilitation.

Raúl Carrasco

Born in Seville in 1981, he started in the world of bodybuilding at the age of 14 and has been a professional for more than 15.

He has participated in more than 30 professional championships, which translates into top-level expertise.

Raúl is passionate about innovation and new research in sports nutrition and supplementation, in addition to being a reference in bodybuilding, both in Spain and in Latin America.

Juan Ferrer

Juan is a "Strongman", yes, one of those athletes who drag trucks, lift stones and overturn cars.

He started strength sports at 28 years old.

Juan Ferrer, has been x2 Champion of the National Strength League (Strongest Man in Spain), in 2020 and 2022, has the world record 'Drag of the longest truck in Europe' and obtained 9th position in the 2023 World Cup ( Lithuania).

Big on the outside and huge on the inside.

Azara García

Azara is an athlete born in Cantabria in 1983.

She started in the world of athletics when she was 8 years old. In 2014, he wore the Spanish National Team shirt and participated in his first World Cups.

In 2016, he achieved first place in 4 Spanish championships and 3 world runners-up.

In 2017, Azara became the first female Trail professional in Spain.

Josema Muñoz

Josema is a young professional athlete. He has been champion of the 2021 Jr. Europe, he obtained the professional card in the Ben Weider, and his first Pro debut was when he was only 21 years old in the EMPRO, a competition in which he reached 4th position.

With a great and promising career ahead of him, he is a fighter and a down-to-earth worker.

Jessica Castelló

Professional padel player, she is currently in the top positions on the WPT world circuit.

Jessica is a tenacious, ambitious, fighter and hard-working person. Who always pursues his goals and objectives with great determination.

In 2023, Jessica has been, WPT Chile Finalist, WPT Abu Dhabi Semifinalist, WPT Reus Semifinalist, WPT Granada Semifinalist and Premier Paris Semifinalist

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