About Us

We are Amix Levante, the leading distributor of the Amix™ Advanced Nutrition brand worldwide. This brand is manufactured in collaboration with our partner, LargeLife Ltd, a laboratory founded in 2003 in Manchester, United Kingdom. LargeLife Ltd specializes in developing products for athletes with the highest physical demands, emphasizing quality as the main virtue in state-of-the-art European facilities.

Our extensive catalog of the highest quality products is the result of years of research and constant development, always at the forefront of advances in the field of nutrition. We strive to enhance our products and have created a comprehensive range to meet the diverse needs of elite athletes in all areas.

This commitment has allowed us to capture the attention of the most discerning consumers throughout Europe, establishing ourselves as a reference in the sports nutrition sector on the continent. Amix™ Advanced Nutrition is distinguished by its tireless pursuit of excellence, using only the best ingredients and top-quality raw materials, backed by the most advanced technologies available.

Our pursuit of perfection and the application of the most innovative scientific techniques have made us undisputed leaders in the global sports nutrition industry. At Amix™ Nutrition, we have learned to understand and surpass the expectations of our most demanding consumers, making us pioneers in our sector by offering products that meet the demands of the most rigorous athletes.

Join us on this exciting journey towards optimal performance and lasting well-being. Discover the difference of Amix™ Advanced Nutrition and experience a new standard in your sports nutrition.

Thank you for choosing Amix Levante as your partner in excellence.

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